HR Services

HR Services

We are a team of young professionals with dream to succeed in life through hard work, commitment and honesty. Our zeal is to create value in all aspects of life that brought us together as a team with passion to excel in our profession.

Patronage Carriers

Temporary Staffing

Metrolabsservices Career's will provide your company with the flexibility to staff up or down, depending on the business cycles.Temp staffing allows you to protect your permanent staff , while simultaneously clamping down on hiring, training, benefits and administrative costs.

Permanent Recruitment

An exhaustive mapping process that identifies all the potential candidates in the sector, leaving no one off the table for job placement.A candidate who is compatible with the company’s culture and long term strategic direction.A quick turnaround time on all assignments that are executed by a highly responsive team.


Metrolabsservices can help companies fill this gap through our specialized training and development programs designed to help employees navigate many of the real-world situations they face at the workplace. Our training modules include: Effective communications and soft skills training Leadership training and development Powerful presentation skills Professional Selling Skills

Payroll Outsourcing

Through our strong technology infrastructure, unrivalled statutory compliance team and proven payroll operational model, Novho ensures a 100% error free payroll services, which guarantees speed of service and confidentiality of your employees’ information.

Manpower Recruitment

We cater to the manpower recruitment requirements of companies ranging from start-ups to large organisations and across all industry sectors like IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals. we can provide you candidates from the same industry background, related industry sector, or totally a different domain.

IT Manpower Recruitment Services

For the IT industry, we have a well-established testing process that includes tough online tests. These candidates are then interviewed by seasoned experts on communication, technical and productivity capabilities. We have again built up a large database of potential candidates that we can bring on board for you quickly. Our IT recruitment services speak for itself.